KulturCafé Logo

The KulturCafé (cultur café) was a place for young people to meet in my small hometown. It was founded by some friends and me in 2006 as a "Schüler GmbH" (a company of pupils) with me as the executive director. We got a seed capital from the "Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung" (german child and youth foundation). For the two years until our graduation we organized events on a weekly basis.

Reading at the KulturCafé
LAN-Party at the KulturCafé
Playing table football
View of the KulturCafé

Some events we hosted:

  • Board games
  • Film screenings
  • Readings
  • Talks & discussions
  • LAN parties
  • Workshops
  • Table football tournaments
  • Cookie baking