About me

Name: Marie Hennings

I like to be called: Mary

Phone: +49 151 226 10 449

Email: marie.hennings [at] posteo.de (OpenPGP)


Logo init

Intern: Project Management

April - June 2017

at ]init[ AG für digitale Kommunikation

Logo Beuth University

Tutor: Theoretical basics of computer science

October 2015 - March 2016

at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

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Intern: IT Project Assistance

August - December 2013

at connecticum


Logo Beuth University

B. Sc. Media Informatics

Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin
2014 - present

Area of specification: Project managament, Software Engineering, Unity

Bachelor thesis with the topic: "Benutzerfreundliche komplexe Automatisierung für die Smart-Living-Plattform Home Assistant"

Logo Free University Berlin

B. Sc. Business Administration

Free University of Berlin
2009 - 2014

Area of specification: Business Informatics, Marketing and Strategy&Cooperation

Bachelor thesis with the topic: "Geschäftsmodelle und mediale Berichterstattung: Spotify in den Medien zwischen 2008 und 2014."

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    +49 151 226 10 449

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    marie.hennings [at] posteo.de (OpenPGP)

    Fingerprint: EA2B 79F1 071E E886 0A9E AC79 35E3 10AD 5008 1C0B

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